A remarkable National Women Police Conference on 10th March 2022 was organized by PCHR in collaboration with USIP, National Police Bureau, and National Police Academy on Women’s Police. The conference was divided into three sessions. During the first session, “Evolving Social landscape” in the context of women policing was discussed. In comparison, the second and third sessions highlighted the breaking of barriers and a future for women policing, respectively, in the future. Moreover, the Parliamentarians attended the conference, i.e. Nafessa Khattak, kashmala Khan, Chairperson FOSPA, Justice (Rtd.) Nasira Iqbal, CSPs, PSPs, and organizational heads. Ms. Nilofar Bakhtiar, NCSW chairman, was also a part of it. The conference was intended to address all the woes and predicaments of women in the police, unanimously, it was decided to alleviate the state of women in the police, by the introduction of new ways and ideas. In addition, the conference was also held to promote women policing and raise awareness & understanding of the issues affecting women in Police.

Executive Director PCHR Mr. Shafique Chaudhary importance of Women in Police.

Mr. Shafique Chaudhary, ED, PCHR delivered his speech and stated that the event is historical because it’s the second one happening after 11 years. He mentioned that WPC aims to enhance gender equality in the police by expanding an enabling environment for female police personnel.

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