The 1st National Police Conference 2022, “Reshaping Police for Public Safety” jointly organized by PCHR, Pakistan Police National Bureau, and Police Awam Sath Sath, was held in Islamabad on 17th  March 2022. The conference was divided into two sessions. In the first session, the 16th National Police Management Board meeting was conducted. Mr. Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed, Honorable Federal Minister for Interior, presided over the session and commended the efforts of the Pakistan Police. All heads of Provincial police organizations appeared at the meeting. The conference was attended by Mr. Rao Sardar Khan, IGP Punjab, Mr. Inam Ghani, IG Motorways Police, Mr. Mohsin Butt, IGP Balochistan, other sister police organizations representatives, and members of parliament. Mr. Riaz Fatyana, Chairman of PCHR, and Mr. Shafique Chaudhary, ED, PCHR, presented a set of recommendations to improve the efficacy of the Police. Thereupon, in the second conference session, a draft of the Action Plan regarding implementing the recommendations of the Police Reforms Committee (PRC) was presented by Mr. Saqib Sultan, Director NPB, which was constituted by the Honorable Chief Justice of Pakistan. The session was chaired by the honorable Minister of Law, Mr. Farogh Naseem who acknowledged the efforts of the Pakistan Police and emphasized the need to reduce policing burden and improve investigations. Concomitantly, the audience and respected panel put forward recommendations pertaining to the Model Police Law, Investigation, Accountability, ADR, Urban policing, and Legislative Reforms alongside Gender Inclusion. Furthermore, the void between the Police and the Public was highlighted, and remedies were put forward to fill the gap between them.

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