Parlimentarian Comission For Human Rights Pakistan

Our Achievements


During the last three years, PCHR has submitted more than one thousand assembly questions, resolutions and adjournment motions through its members covering various thematic issues and violations of human rights in the country.

  • International HR conventions signed by Pakistan
  • State of Children in the Country
  • Measures to eradicate child labor in the country
  • Pakistanis facing trial at Guantanamo Bay
  • Wage Board Award for Journalists
  • Streamlining NGO activities
  • Police Torture
  • Spread and control of HIV/AIDS
  • Violence against women
  • Honor Killing
  • Hudood Laws Reform
  • Reform Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business in National Assembly
  • Illegal possession of properties
  • Growing incidents of rape
  • Law and Order situation in the country
  • Implementation of Juvenile legislation
  • Increasing violence in society
  • Lack of appropriate safety measures at gas stations
  • Crisis in commodity market
  • Pollution Control and environmental issues
  • Health situation in the country
  • High rate of suicide in the country
  • Fundamental rights of poor workers
  • Challenges in WTO/globalization era
  • Child abuse control strategy

The above mentioned milestones are a few examples of the PCHR journey for the protection of human rights. The PCHR has done an unmatched effort to conduct a large no. of seminars, workshops and public awareness activities over many other issues like Criminal Justice System, Peace, Labor Laws, Hudood Ordinance, Jail Reforms, Media Reforms and many more, in order to ensure the consolidation of human rights in all aspects of life in Pakistan, independently, with government bodies and many local NGOs.