Parlimentarian Comission For Human Rights Pakistan

Our Projects

  • Advocacy on CAT implementation strategy with OXFAM-GB
  • Engaging Lawyers for combating torture in Punjab with FOSIP
  • Implementation of UN-CAT in Pakistan with OXFAM-GB
  • Policy consultations on elimination of bonded labour in Pakistan with ILO.
  • Protection of children affected by Armed Conflict with UNICEF.
  • Improving access of foreigner prisoners to justice in Pakistan with UNHCR.
  • Policy dialogues with legislators on Child Domestic Labor with ILO
  • International consultation on draft NCHR bill with UNDP-OHCHR
  • Policy consultations on Women Employment concerns and working conditions in Pakistan(WEC-PK) with ILO
  • Consultations on Establishment of National commission on Human rights commission with AUSAID-APF
  • Policy Dialogues with legislators on Education with ESRA-USAID
  • Torture prevention with OXFAM-GB
  • Protection of Minorities in Pakistan: Issues, Challenges and Way Forward with Royal Nether lands Embassy, Pakistan